Home Protection Plans

Summitt offers Total Protection Repair Plans for
your Furnace & Air Conditioner


Unexpected Repair Costs Happen When You Need
Your Furnace & Air Conditioner the Most

Your Furnace or Air Conditioner is likely to fail when it is working the hardest, which is exactly when you need it the most. Protect your HVAC appliances with a Summitt Home Protection Plan!

Worried About Unexpected Repairs?

Leave it to the most trusted professionals from Summitt Home Services. We’ll fix your problem at no extra charges, quickly and efficiently.

Furnace and Air Conditioners Break Down

Repairs could cost upwards of $1000.00 and happen when you need your Furnace and Air Conditioner the most! Our 24-hour support line will do our best to ensure same-day service.

A Summitt Home Protection Plan Provides You With:

  • Protection starting from as low as $12.99 per month
  • Guaranteed priority service from friendly, licenses technicians
  • Free parts & labour on repairs*
  • Service history tracking to help identify recurring problems faster
  • Live telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • No deductible which means no incremental out-of-pocket expenses.
  • No pre-inspection required.
  • Additional discounts on other products

Average Air Conditioner
Repair Costs:

Evaporator Coil - $700
Control Board - $450
Refrigerant recovery and recharge - $450
Welded leak repair - $480

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Average Furnace
Repair Costs:

Heat Trasfer coil - $1,800
Circuit board - $7000
Filter dryer - $480
Ignitor - $350

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