• Peace of Mind
    for your Whole Home

  • Natural Gas & Electricity
    for your Home or Business

  • Water Heater Rentals
    Furnace and AC Protection

  • Green Energy
    and Carbon Offsets

  • Summitt at Your Door
    In Person visitation

Carbon Credits retired by Summitt Energy customers: 217 960 tonnes of CSA approved Canadian offsets and counting

Summitt offers you peace of mind and protection for your home and business

Natural Gas and Electricity for homes and businesses across Canada.
For consumers who prefer the certainty of knowing what they will pay each month, we offer price protection from a volatile, fluctuating energy market to help keep your energy bills under control.

Water Heater Rental and Furnace & Air Conditioner warranty programs.
Summitt will protect you from unforeseen maintenance, repairs, or damages that would otherwise disrupt your cash flow.

Green Energy and Carbon Offsets
Summitt is a leader in creating a greener way of life. From Green energy programs to Carbon offset credits, Summitt can make your home environmentally friendly.

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