Natural Gas Price Protection
For Your Home

Natural Gas prices go up and down. Securing your rate can help alleviate any price fluctuation for up to five years!

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Greater efficiency.
Greater savings.

After home heating and cooling, hot water tanks consume the most energy in your home. Control your home energy costs by choosing a more energy-efficient hot water tank from Summitt Home Services.

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Home Protection Plans

Summitt offers Total Protection Repair Plans for
your Furnace & Air Conditioner

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Now you can make a difference.
For your community. For our planet.

Your home can be green with the Summitt EverGreen Program! Reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are affecting our climate and environment.

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Natural Gas and
Electricity Programs
Water Heater
EverGreen Carbon
Offset Program

About Summitt

Protection and Peace of Mind
for your Home or Business

Summitt offers affordable solutions to unstable energy costs. Our Home Services help customers stabilize their cash flow to achieve certainty in their monthly household expenses.

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Carbon Credits Retired by Summitt Energy Customers 188,702
Tonnes of CSA Approved Canadian Offset

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