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Winter Energy Savings at Home


Tips that you can practice every day to lower your heating and energy costs!


Turn down the temperature while you’re home.

This is the tip that you will hear from everyone, because it is so easy and it works.  Lowering the temperature by just 1 degree can reduce your energy bills by approx. 3%!  Stay comfortable and warm in house robes/sweaters or keep blankets (or snuggies) on the couch in your living room, and watch your energy savings add up!

Let the sun shine.

If your windows are properly sealed and insulated, opening your curtains to let the sun warm up your home is a fantastic idea.  Make sure to close those curtains come nightfall though to keep in that warmth!

Use rugs on your floors or wear cozy slippers.

Rugs will insulate your floors and to keep your feet from freezing!  If you don’t like rugs though, opt for wearing slippers around the house!



Tips that only need to be done every once in a while to get the full advantages!


Seal Air Leaks

Pesky drafts not only let in cold air, they let your heat escape!  Sealing these air leaks can save up to 10% of your heating bill so be sure to check your windows, doors and walls for any leaks of air and seal them with weather stripping or caulking.

Freshen up your Furnace Filter

Clean out or replace your furnace filter once a month.  Clogged up filters will reduce the efficiency of your furnace and force it to use more energy to heat your home.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Using LED and energy efficient light bulbs aren’t just for lighting your home; they can be used to brighten your holiday as well!  When using holiday decorations, choose energy efficient bulbs that will save you money that will be better spent on your loved ones!



Tips that can help to reduce your energy costs by doing them once – Never worry again!


Go Insulation crazy!

Be sure to insulate everything: your exterior walls, attic, basement, pipes etc.  The fewer drafts you have in your home, the warmer it will be and the more money you will save in the long run.

Install and use a programmable thermostat

Yes, it’s an annoying and confusing piece of machinery.  But if you learn to use it, the thermostat can be programmed to raise and lower the temperature based on your daily schedule; which can help you save hundreds of dollars per year!  Check out this site to find the best programmable thermostat to meet your needs: