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Top Ten Summer Energy Saving Tips

Ontario Ministry of Energy
Last Modified June 5, 2012

Simple choices can go a long way to help Ontario families manage their energy use, cut costs and protect the environment this summer.  In anticipation of the warmer months ahead, the province is reminding Ontarians that the least expensive and most environmentally friendly energy is the energy we don’t use.  By following all of our top ten summer energy saving tips, Ontarians can save up to $90 on energy costs during June, July and August.

  1. Get the program: Consider installing a programmable thermostat. When properly set, the device can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10 per cent.
  2. Embrace your green thumb: Plant a tree or shrub that will provide shade to your central air conditioner. This can improve the unit’s efficiency by up to 10 per cent.
  3. Keep it cool: Set your air conditioner for 25°C when you’re at home and 28°C when you’re away.
  4. Pick off-peak hours: Take advantage of lower energy prices during off-peak hours. Consider running your dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer early in the morning, in the evening or on weekends when electricity rates are lowest.
  5. Give your AC some TLC: Proper maintenance of your air conditioner can increase its efficiency by about five per cent. You can clean the outside compressor yourself with a hose, removing debris that impedes air flow.

Building a clean energy system and a culture of conservation is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to create and support jobs for Ontario families while ensuring we have the electricity we need to power our homes, schools, hospitals and economy.

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