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The Benefits of Filtered Water

Whether getting a water filter is more economical for your home, or just makes you look and feel better, there are certainly several good reasons to consider whole house or point of origin water filters. Filtered water makes you feel better, can help prevent some nasty diseases, and can make you look better with very little effort.

General Results of Filtered Water

Filtered water can be installed in a home either in a whole house filter system, which makes filtered water available from every tap in your home, or from point sources like sink and showerhead filters. This filtered water is good for general uses like drinking water and showering, but also for uses like cooking and health purposes, especially removing toxins from the water. Some of the general results of filtered water are:

    • Aesthetics Filtered water from the tap is frequently better tasting and better smelling than unfiltered water. Many people don�t drink enough water because they just don�t like the taste and/or smell of it.
    • Chlorine and chlorine by-products Filters remove chlorine and chlorine by-products from the water, both of which have been shown to be harmful to human health over long periods of time.
    • Toxins Having a water filter on sources like a few taps or using whole house filters can be a last line of defense against over 2,100 toxins that can get into your water after it is filtered by your water provider.
    • Lead Water filters also remove lead in the water right before you receive it, reducing the risk that it will regain any of that lead before you drink it.
    • Cost Having filtered water come directly from the tap is much cheaper over time than buying bottle after bottle of water, where you’re paying for the plastic as well as the water inside.


The Physical Appearance Benefits of Filtered Water

There are many physical appearance benefits to filtered water. Not only does it help you feel better on the inside, which can easily show on the outside, but it helps you look better as well. Some of the aesthetic benefits of filtered water include:

    • Shinier hair  The chlorine in unfiltered tap water is what makes most people’s hair dull and flat. Removing the chlorine can make your hair shiny and appear healthier.
    • Softer hair  Another facet of healthier hair is hair that is soft to the touch. The removal of chlorine via a shower or whole house filter is going to make your hair softer, as chlorine also dries out your hair.
    • Softer skin  Healthy skin is another outward sign that you’re healthy, and drinking and showering in filtered water can help you have softer skin. Chlorine makes skin dull and rough, just as it does to hair, and removing the chlorine from your water can help.
    • Reduces skin problems  Other skin problems can be assuaged or reduced by using and drinking filtered water as well. Chlorine only hurts your skin in the long run, eventually causing you to spend money on expensive lotions or treatments to look healthy and happy.
    • Healthier nails  Having a water filter can also help you have healthier, stronger nails. Chlorine and other toxins weaken your nails, either from prolonged exposure through washing dishes, or internally from drinking it. Filtering the water removes those toxins and helps your nails grow stronger and more beautiful.



Health Benefits

The health benefits of filtered water are numerous. Not only does filtered water help with digestion and detoxification of the body, but it also keeps the nervous system up and running. Filtered water is also quite important for young children, especially babies that don’t have the immune system built up that most adults do. The health benefits of filtered water are:

    • Digestion – The digestive system uses a large amount of water. From preventing the over-absorption of sugars and harmful chemicals to promoting metabolism and regular bowel movements, water is a central part of the entire digestive system. Filtered water is needed to make sure this works correctly.
    • Weight Control – Without fresh, clean water, the body may absorb more sugars and carbohydrates than anything else. It can also cause the body to fail to absorb the vitamins and nutrients from the foods we eat. Water also regulates the metabolism, and without healthy water, the metabolism can fail to work correctly.
    • Nervous System – Considering that the brain is mostly water, healthy water is the key to total body health as well as avoiding problems with the nervous system. Many headaches, from tension to sinus headaches, can be alleviated or at least lessened to some degree by drinking more clean water. Being dehydrated can also affect your concentration, your ability to see small print, and your ability to comprehend anything you read. Thus, drinking healthy water makes sense, especially at work.
    • Detoxification – The kidneys need pure, fresh water to detoxify the body. Clean water helps the kidneys rid the body of toxins and keep your urinary system working well. Healthy water also reduces your risk of bladder infections, improving the immunity of your body. If water isn’t healthy or already filled with chlorine and other chemicals, the water won’t be effective in cleaning the toxins out of our bodies.
    • Babies and Healthy Water – Until the age of six to twelve months, babies are not recommended to drink water, as it can over-hydrate their systems. But some women do not have the choice to breast-feed, and have to rely on formula for their baby’s health and nutrition. Healthy water is critically important if mixing formula for a baby. Unhealthy water can lead to dangerous consequences with babies, such as mental retardation and even death through poisoning. Obviously, healthy water is so important to the life of a baby if making formula, and just like every other aspect of life, is critical to good growth and life-long health.


Prevention and Filtered Water

Choosing to put filtered water in your home over regular tap water is a wise preventative measure. Filters remove the lead and chlorine in water that can cause serious problems, as well as other toxins that can make it into your water after the water leaves the treatment centers. Some of the other health benefits of water filters include:

    • Reduces risk of certain cancers Studies have proven that removing the chlorine and chlorine byproducts in water through filters just before drinking can easily reduce the chances of getting certain cancers such as rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer.
    • Reduces risk of other diseases  With the removal of other toxins and water parasites, filtered water can easily reduce diseases like gastrointestinal disease.
    • Immune Systems  Children who are still growing can develop strong immune systems if they drink filtered water. Filtered water is also good for people with reduced immune systems, such as those undergoing chemotherapy
    • Cleaner air  Whole house water filter systems remove chlorine that frequently becomes vapor in a home and can harm the people there. Filtered water also provides cleaner air for people with allergies and asthma.

Filtered water is a good idea for every home, whether it is simply because you want good tasting water or because you want to protect yourself and your family from harm. Point of origin systems and whole home systems are a good way to prevent illness, feel better, and look good thanks to water that is free of harmful toxins.