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Summitt Energy’s Evergreen Carbon Offset Program Links up with Pyramid Farms Biomass Heating Project

Summitt Energy’s Evergreen Program is the perfect way to make your home green, by reducing carbon emissions! A Summitt Evergreen Customer’s monthly payment can support unique environmental projects, which reduce Greenhouse Gases in Ontario, and other participating provinces in Canada! As an Evergreen Customer, Summitt will retire 2.2 tonnes of carbon credits every year on your behalf, which represents 100% of the Greenhouse Gas emissions from the average Ontario home’s electricity usage!  Customers can also be assured that Summitt invests in Canadian – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified Carbon Offsets.


One of these carbon offset projects is partnering with Pyramid Farms Ltd., in Leamington, ON.  Pyramid Farms’ Carbon Credit Focus is converting Biomass to Energy!

Pyramid Farms currently utilizes biomass from wood chips to heat their commercial greenhouses, thereby diverting them from a municipal landfill, in replacement of burning fossil fuels.