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Summitt Energy’s Evergreen Carbon Offset Program Links Up With Leamington’s C&B Farms

Summitt Energy’s Evergreen Program is the perfect way to make your home green, by reducing carbon emissions! A Summitt Evergreen Customer’s monthly payment can support unique environmental projects, which reduce Greenhouse Gases in Ontario, and other participating provinces in Canada! As an Evergreen Customer, Summitt will retire 2.2 tonnes of carbon credits every year on your behalf, which represents 100% of the Greenhouse Gas emissions from the average Ontario home’s electricity usage!  Customers can also be assured that Summitt invests in Canadian – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified Carbon Offsets.


One of these carbon offset projects is to partner with C&B Farms – a large commercial greenhouse operation in southern Ontario, near the town of Leamington.  In its 9.2 acres of covered greenhouse area, they currently produce more than 2 million pounds of bell peppers per year and ship yellow, red, orange and green bell peppers to grocery stores in Canada and the United States. C&B Farms recently began growing miniature bell pepper and sweet point pepper varieties. Planting operations begin in January and harvesting starts in April and continues through to December.


Ontario has quite a cold climate for much of the year, and the farm is a year-round operation.  As expected, there is a high heating demand, initially met with oil-fired boilers. The boilers were also equipped to burn natural gas.

Due to the high costs associated with burning fossil fuels for heating, C&B Farms investigated the use of biomass for heat.  They found local suppliers of wood chips that are sourced from various industrial sources that would have otherwise been destined for disposal at a municipal landfill.  C&B Farms thus installed a series of biomass boilers to provide heat to the greenhouse operations.

Greenhouse gas offset credits are generated by C&B Farms, through the displacement of fossil fuels that would have otherwise been burned to heat the greenhouses with biomass.

Reduce your carbon footprint and make a difference today! Over 100,000 Tonnes of CO2 have already been reduced by homeowners just like you!

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