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Summitt Energy’s Evergreen Carbon Offset Program Links Up With Hamilton’s AIM Composting


Summitt Energy’s Evergreen Program is the perfect way to make your home green, by reducing carbon emissions! A Summitt Evergreen Customer’s monthly payment can support unique environmental projects, which reduce Greenhouse Gases in Ontario, and other participating provinces in Canada! As an Evergreen Customer, Summitt will retire 2.2 tonnes of carbon credits every year on your behalf, which represents 100% of the Greenhouse Gas emissions from the average Ontario home’s electricity usage!

Summitt’s Evergreen program is a combination of company initiatives that reduce emissions, as well as increase the carbon sinks (carbon neutralizers).  Also,  Evergreen Program customers can be assured that Summitt invests in Canadian – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified Carbon Offsets.

One of these carbon offset projects is AIM Composting, in Hamilton, Ontario.  AIM has been a long-time leader in organics processing.  Their “aim” is to eliminate the quickly overflowing waste accumulation in North American landfills.  “AIM Environmental Group has experience in designing, building, and operating organic waste processing facilities, as well as providing nutrient amendment products.”  (Fertilizer Materials and Soil Nutrient)

The AIM project is successful in its greenhouse gas emission reduction by “transforming organic residue from municipally generated … household waste, into compost.”  This “waste diversion” literally diverts waste from going to landfills, and thus avoids the needless and harmful production of methane gas: a fuel posing a major threat to our climate.

Aim Group has some of the biggest compost facilities, and “consistently provides the latest technology to meet the waste management challenges of Canadian municipalities.”

Most recently, AIM has started to construct a compost facility in Calgary.


Reduce your carbon footprint. You can make a difference. Over 100,000 Tonnes of CO2 have already been reduced by homeowners just like you!

For more information on AIM, and their composting facilities and strategies, visit their website: