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Summitt Energy Launches Green Light $aver Program

Summitt Energy is pleased to announce the launch of Summitt Energy’s Green Light $aver – Price Protection Program  3 MONTH PROMOTIONAL OFFER!


This program will offer our residential customers fixed price Green Electricity bundled with 8 FREE innovative LED light bulbs!

The Green Light $aver Price Protection Program will help our customers save on their energy costs and enjoy the benefits of innovative LED Bulbs!

Benefits of switching to LED

  • Usage per LED bulb is up to 90%* less than a regular 60W bulb!
  • Guarantee for life!
  • Ontario is banning incandescent bulbs; And, we are giving out award winning, innovative LED bulbs
  • Child Safe – LED bulbs do not heat up!
  • Eco-friendly – large carbon emission reductions
  • LED bulbs do not contain environmentally harmful mercury

Call us today at 1-877-222-9520 to learn more about the program and sign up to enjoy the benefits!


*Energy consumption reduction from 60W to 6.5W per bulb