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Summitt Energy has raised $5,404 for Fort McMurray – Employee fundraising + 100% Company Match

Gerry Haggarty and Chen with donation box

Summitt Energy President Gerry Haggarty and Chen Hu with donation box

The continuing disaster forced Alberta to call a state of emergency on May 4 after more than 88,000 people were forced out of their homes in and around Fort McMurray, sending evacuees to surrounding communities for shelter.

To show our support, Summitt Energy is matching 100% of our employee donations, collected between May 6-May 13, to the Canadian Red Cross Society.

Within a week, we have exceeded our goal and collected $2,702 from our employees online and at the office. Together with the 100% company match, we have raised $5,404 for Fort McMurray.

Click here to see our donation on for the Canadian Red Cross Society.

“The most effective thing people can do right now is make donations to the Red Cross, knowing our government will match those funds.” – Rachel Notley, Premier

We will support our friends in Fort McMurray to go through this crisis together!