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Summitt Energy Announces Response to OEB Filing Dated June 17, 2010

On June 17, 2010, Summitt Energy received from the Ontario Energy Board a notice of intention to issue an order for compliance under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998.  Summitt Energy will be responding to the notice received from the Ontario Energy Board within the 15 day timeframe prescribed by the Ontario Energy Board.  The notice relates to certain allegations of customers concerning the sales practices of five (5) of sales representatives of Summitt Energy.  The allegations made cover 28 incidents over the last three (3) years.   

 Summitt Energy does not condone the sales agent practices described in the Ontario Energy Board’s notice and is taking these customer allegations very seriously. Summitt Energy has already commenced a detailed review of each case cited in the notice in an effort to evaluate the merit of the allegations made.  In that regard, Summitt Energy has implemented the following  measures: 

 1) suspending the five (5) sales agents until a review of the allegations is completed,
 2) implementing a point of sale quality call with each of its new customers, and
 3) providing customers with a one page plain language disclosure document, which carefully explains that Summitt Energy  is not affiliated with any local utility or any governmental agency or body and outlines the main terms of the agreement.

 The goal of these measures is to ensure that Summitt Energy is compliant with all regulatory requirements, follows all the best practices of the energy marketing industry, and most importantly ensures that its customers are fully informed when making decisions regarding energy purchases. 

 Summitt Energy is based in Mississauga, Ontario and is licensed through the Ontario Energy Board as a natural gas marketer and electricity retailer.  It is committed to providing Ontario consumers with value added energy products that will assist them in budgeting their energy costs and addressing their home energy efficiency needs.