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Ontarians see higher hydro bills as consumption comes down

Many Ontario residents are asking the question:  why are our electricity bills higher, if we’re consuming less electricity?

Ontario Hydro has been encouraging Ontarians to conserve and have seen results, but home owners have not seen positive results on their bills, for their efforts.  For many, the conservation is not translating into dollars saved.

As 2015 drew to an end, so did Ontario’s Clean Energy Benefit, and electricity rates rose 10%. The steady increase of government investments in greener power are also making us feel the pinch:

“The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) said hydro rates rose in May by 2.5 per cent for households that consume 750 kilowatt hours per month. Last November, they jumped again by about 3.4 per cent on average.”

Homeowners saw a glimmer of hope when the Ontario Electricity Support Program was introduced; however, most Ontario residents don’t qualify, as their income is not low enough.  Unfortunately, many of the latter feel their income isn’t high enough either, to numb the pain of higher hydro bills.