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Locking in Your Energy Rate

Variable electricity and natural gas utility rates are ever-changing, based on commodity markets and the needs and consumption of others. This leads to unpredictable fluctuations in prices that can leave many homeowners vulnerable to higher rates and expensive bills to pay. Locking in a fixed rate energy contract, like the ones offered by Summitt Energy, can put these worries to rest.

Summitt’s fixed rate offers will never increase and they will protect customers from the unpredictable nature of variable rates. Customers with a fixed rate contract can have the peace of mind knowing exactly what their rate will be for every month of their contract.* This also creates potential for savings if the variable rates surpass Summitt’s fixed price during the term of the agreement.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions of the program. Contact Summitt Energy at 1-877-222-9520 for further details.