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Liberals’ green energy strategy blasted by auditor

The Toronto Star
December 5, 2011

Haste makes waste.

Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals’ fast tracking of green energy projects will cost electricity ratepayers more money in the long run, says Auditor General Jim McCarter.

In his 460-page annual report to the Legislature released Monday, McCarter castigated policies that were a cornerstone of McGuinty’s re-election in the Oct. 6 vote, including Grit claims of 50,000 green jobs being created.

The auditor general found billions of dollars in solar and wind projects were approved without appropriate oversight, including and regulatory and planning procedures.

“While this helped these projects get off the ground quickly, their high cost will add significantly to ratepayers’ electricity bills in the future,” McCarter told reporters Monday.

He urged the government and its agency, the Ontario Power Authority, to conduct a “cost-benefit assessment of the progress made to date” in order to “strike an appropriated balance between the promotion of green energy and the price of electricity in Ontario.”