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Hydro Rates Skyrocket

Thursday, May 1, 2014 12:24 PM by Peter Jackson

May 1st marks 2.4 per cent increase in electricity bills across Ontario.

(Regional) – Ontarians have among the highest electricity bills in North America — and starting today, May 1st, they are going to be even higher.

An increase of 2.4 per-cent kicks in with your next Hydro bill.

If you use the bulk of your power during peak times — like daytime hours on weekdays — you face a 4.7 per-cent hike.

The increase was approved by the Ontario Energy Board.

Electricity costs could become a hot-button issue in the upcoming provincial election campaign.

The Opposition Progressive Conservatives have been going after the Wynne government over its Green Energy Act and the cost of power that’s generated by wind farms and solar arrays.

An election could be triggered very soon if the New Democrats don’t support the Liberal budget being delivered in the Legislature Thursday afternoon.