Pure water. Clean and affordable from your tap

Summitt's Pure Water Filtration system is your single source for fresh, clean water. No additional tap filters are needed. Say goodbye to bottled water!

Summitt Water Filtration

Pure water. Clean and affordable right from your tap

With Summitt’s pure water filtration system you will receive the crystal clear and refreshing taste of bottled water right from every tap in your home. Chlorine and chloramides are added to our water supply to kill bacteria and germs. Once these chemicals have done their jobs, there is no need for us to ingest them. Water filtration reduces unhealthy, unwanted chlorine taste and odor, improves water quality, clarity and appearance, and is an environmentally friendly addition to your home necessities.

Summitt’s Pure Water Filtration Systems effectively reduces chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals and many other potentially harmful contaminants. Summitt’s Pure Water Filtration system is an effective way to control the build-up of bacteria, algae, and fungi.

Summitt’s Pure Water Filtration system is your single source for fresh, clean water. No additional tap filters are needed. Say goodbye to bottled water!

The advantages of a whole home water filtration system

  • Clean, pure tasting filtered water from every tap in your home
  • One system for your entire home – no need for individual filters at each tap
  • Reduce your chlorine intake with pure filtered water for drinking and showering
  • Help eliminate the need to buy bottled water – and environmentally harmful plastic containers in landfills

How a Water Filtration System Works

The water filtration system easily hooks up with your home’s main water supply and provides clean, filtered, hot and cold water to every faucet throughout your home.

Pure water isn’t just for drinking

Most people don’t realize that one can absorb up to 8 glasses of water through the skin during a quick 10-minute shower. Soaking up water in this way is especially dangerous because the chlorine goes directly into your bloodstream; this means your skin absorbs 6x more chlorine than you would through drinking the same amount.

The negative effects of chlorinated water

"Chlorine, added [in municipal water] as an inexpensive and effective drinking water disinfectant, is also a known poison to the body...Reportedly chlorine, once in water, interacts with organic compounds to create trihalomethanes (THMs)—which when ingested encourage the growth of free radicals that can destroy or damage vital cells in the body. ‘Because so much of the water we drink ends up in the bladder and/or rectum, ingestions of THMs in drinking water are particularly damaging to these organs...Of course, an easier way to get rid of chlorine from your tap water is by installing a carbon-based filter, which absorbs chlorine and other contaminants before they get into your glass or body."Scientific American, January 25, 2010, Tapped Out?: Are Chlorine's Beneficial Effects in Drinking Water Offset by Its Links to Cancer?

Summitt's Offer

No Up-Front Costs: No cost to enroll and just one monthly payment – with Summitt Home Services you save money each and every day!
  • No Maintenance Costs: All repairs, parts and labour are covered with 24 hour a day, 7-days a week service. Call 1 877 282 8265 for free maintenance and repairs.
  • No Worries: Summitt Home Services performs scheduled maintenance on all of your filter to ensure it continues to perform for you over the long term.
  • No Hassles: Installation is quick and easy with limited interruption to your day or your home
  • First MONTH FREE on your water filter
  • Receive all replacement filters for FREE
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