A Smart Solution for Heating and Cooling

Rent your furnace and air conditioner, and cut your heating and cooling cost by up to 45% every month – while helping to save the environment at the same time.

Summitt HVAC

About the Program

When purchasing home comfort equipment there are usually large upfront payments or high financing interest rates, a long-term maintenance plan and extended warranties. In addition certain plans have limitations and restrictions on the repairs and some homeowners end up paying high amounts on service calls and replacement of the equipment when it is irreparable. With Summitt’s equipment, you don’t need a maintenance plan and warranties because it is included in the rental program and you are covered with lifetime service and repairs on all parts and labour. Cut your heating and cooling cost by up to 45% every month and help save the environment at the same time.

A Smart Solution for Heating and Cooling

Having an older furnace or air conditioning unit is less efficient, which leads to higher energy costs. Renting a furnace or air conditioner helps to manage cash flow, and all repairs are covered by us!

A new Summitt Home Services furnace and air conditioner are energy-efficient and can help you start saving money immediately. You can reduce the overall costs of operating your equipment with Summitt Home Services.

Our selection of Ducane furnaces are 95% AFUE efficient and are energy star qualified. They also offer a 2-stage gas value and robust heat exchanger.

Our Ducane Air Conditioners are 14.5 SEER and quiet with a durable scroll compressor. They offer dependability, high quality features and great value.

Summitt's Offer:

  • No Up-Front Costs: No cost to enroll and just one monthly payment – with Summitt Home Services you save money each and every day!
  • No Maintenance Costs: All repairs, parts and labour are covered with 24 hour a day, 7-days a week service. Call 1 877 282 8265 for free maintenance and repairs.
  • No Worries: Summitt Home Services performs scheduled maintenance on all of our tanks to ensure it continues to perform for you over the long term.
  • No Hassles: Installation is quick and easy with limited interruption to your day or your home
  • 3 MONTHS FREE on each item when you install both a furnace and air conditioner

Why Enroll in Summitt's HVAC Program?

Renting from Summitt is cheaper, easier and better than with other companies.Summitt Home Services offers you an alternative with:
  • Improved services
  • Billing remains on your utility bill
  • 24/7 emergency service with all parts and labour included

Am I covered if my A/C or Furnace needs to be serviced or replaced?

YES! With Summitt Home Services you are covered for the long term, PLUS you save money. We are responsible to ensure that your air conditioner and furnace are working properly and to replace it as is necessary to provide these services.

What if I move?

No Problem! Everything with the home stays with the home, and you have no further obligations or concerns.

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