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Home owners take comfort

Energy price volatility is most obvious during our cold Ontario winters and hot Ontario summers. Summitt One natural gas program is the best way to control utility bill surprises.

The new way to buy home energy

  • Flat monthly cost for your natural gas commodity supply.
  • Summitt charges are not related to consumption or weather.
  • Set for the next 5 years with no price increases.

For homeowners like you

  • Know what you’re paying every month.
  • Avoid seasonal price volatility and utility rate increases.
  • You want protection.
  • Who are using more energy than you would like heating and air conditioning your home. This is the solution.

Real Energy Cost Protection

We buy upfront so you are protected in the future.

You pay only $45/month for natural gas commodity supply for the next 5 years. The reason? We buy electricity and natural gas up front and even if utility rates rise, weather varies or your consumption pattern changes – you will still pay $39/month for the natural gas or electricity commodity supply, guaranteed!


More than just equal billing
ONE predictable monthly payment of $39 guaranteed for the natural gas or electricity commodity supply. What’s more, Summitt One protects you against price volatility even if the market prices or the weather changes. Equal billing options from your utility cannot do this. Now that’s peace of mind!

Protection for longer-term market volatility
Electricity and natural gas prices go up and down with market supply and demand. This is often reflected as a supply charge adjustment every three or six months. However, many customers cannot budget for unplanned rate increases. For them, it makes perfect sense to lock in their natural gas or electricity commodity supply cost with Summitt One at $39/month today, to secure against rate and weather volatility.

A great way to manage energy costs

  • Pay $45 per month for the natural gas commodity supply. Guaranteed.
  • No change to who bills you.
  • No service interruptions.
  • If market price decreases, Blend & Extend has that covered too.

†For natural gas commodity supply
**Refer to Blend and Extend in Terms and Conditions

Spotlight on Natural Gas

The Ontario government has unveiled its long-term energy strategy and if you're paying a power bill, you can expect to pay up to 33 per cent more in coming years.**

Historic Smart-Meter Electricity Rates 2009-2014

Source: Ontario Energy Board Historic Pricingupdated

Historic Natural Gas Rates 2008-2014

Source: Ontario Energy Board Historic Pricing Capture

The power to go Green

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? For only a few dollars more per month, you can make your electricity carbon neutral.Certified by the Canadian Standards Association, Green Power Unlimited gives you all the benefits of our program, while you give back to the environment.***One Price program fixes the monthly commodity charge for 5 years (distribution & utility charges excluded)


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