Green Light Saver Electricity Program

By signing up for Summitt’s Green Electricity program, you will not only protect yourself from any fluctuating electricity supply prices, you can do your part to ensure that 100% of your Greenhouse Gas emissions from electricity usage are offset. Provide a cleaner, healthier environment for Canadians, just by paying your electricity bill! Give back to the environment with total convenience, and secure a predictable electricity rate with price protection on your electricity bills!

For a limited time, you will receive 8 A19 LED light bulbs (Standard lamp bulbs). These award-winning bulbs are valued at $159 and help you save up to 85% of electricity vs traditional incandescent bulbs, that is up to $117 in electricity costs annually.

8 Free LED Light bulbs - Save up to $117 in energy costs annually!

8 Free LED Light bulbs – Save up to $117 in energy costs annually!

Change your light bulbs and help change the world! Start saving electricity with your FREE LED light bulbs! 
• $159 Retail Value!
• Plus, get up to $117 in annual savings*, which is approx. $2,000 in energy savings over the life of 8 LED Bulbs††
• Usage per LED bulb is up to 90% less than a traditional bulb!**

Enlightening facts about the LED light bulb!
• Estimated yearly operating cost per LED bulb – $1.77†
• Indoor use only
• Minimum useful life – 30,000 hours
• Dimmable
• Guaranteed for life!***

Should a light bulb fail for any reason, customers only have to return the non-working bulb to us and Summitt Energy will replace it with a new LED bulb at no additional charge, including shipping, as long as the customer is on an active energy agreement.

The Green Light $aver program costs 8.79 ¢/kWh plus global adjustment fees. Click here to see the current and past global adjustment fees charged by the Ontario government. For this price the customer receives a 5 year fixed price Green Electricity program, plus 8 FREE LED light bulbs, after the enrolment has gone through with the Utility. This program is only available for residential and small commercial electricity customers.

The Carbon Offsets you contribute in the Green Light $aver program are for emission reduction projects achieved by environment-conscious people just like you! Canadian businesses are doing their part to reduce their emissions by switching to alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, as well as other emission reduction activities like tree-planting and methane gas recapture.

Summitt Energy’s Carbon Credit Focus: AMCO Farms Biomass Recapture

In 2005, AMCO Farms installed three 800 hp combustion units capable of burning biomass to replace the oil-fired heating units that were previously in use. AMCO has been a family run farming operation in Leamington, Ontario since 1963 that now includes 40 acres of covered greenhouses for growing vegetables. AMCO reduces Green House Gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels with renewable biomass to generate the thermal energy required to heat the greenhouses throughout the year.

When you choose to offset your home’s electricity emissions with Summitt Energy, you are cancelling out a corresponding amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions produced elsewhere.  All projects Summitt Energy invests in are Canadian – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified Carbon Offsets.

Below are the overview of our green electricity and natural gas programs:

Green Light $aver program – Electricity                                                                    Green Natural Gas


Green-Electricity                       Summitt Energy Green Gas Program

Start securing predictable energy supply rates and help the environment today!

Call Summitt Energy toll free, at 1-877-838-8444 (press 3) to sign up for the Green electricity and gas programs.