Electricity Price Protection for your Home

Your electricity bill doesn't have to be a surprise. Control your costs by signing up to one of our programs.

Price Protection

New infrastructure and the demand for cleaner sources of electricity drive costs up!

Electricity Prices Continue to Rise

Informed homeowners recognize that electricity prices are on the rise. Coal plant closures, aging generation facilities and the high cost of natural gas used to fire plants are all contributing.

Smart Meters™ track homeowner’s time-of-use electricity consumption. Ultimately, homeowners end up paying more for electricity used during peak demand periods like mornings before work and evenings during the regular routine.

You have a Choice

Since 2002, Ontario homeowners have been allowed to choose their electricity supplier. Today, more and more people are choosing electricity price protection programs to manage fluctuating energy costs and give them the peace of mind of a fixed rate for their electricity supply charge.


Avoid Price Increases

Switch-off electricity price volatility with the 5-year Price Protection Program. Choosing Electricity Price Protection means you receive one competitive electricity supply rate for 5 years, even if the cost of electricity goes up after you enroll. Our price protection program helps you budget by taking the guesswork out of the commodity portion of your utility bill. And be confident, nothing changes in the delivery of electricity. Your local utility will continue to deliver your electricity, and your new price protection program will be conveniently integrated on your existing utility bill. It’s that easy.

Summitt’s Offer

  • We offer a 5-year fixed rate electricity program that can protect you from rising electricity prices.
  • No cost to enroll
  • Nothing changes but your electricity supply charge. Your local utility will still deliver your electricity and provide you with any services they provided previously.
  • If prices fall after you enroll, you can benefit from that too. Summitt's Blend and Extend option allows you to combine your fixed rate with any new rate we offer and extend your program for a new term.

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