Price certainty is our business,
so you can get on with yours

Commodities rise and fall with supply and demand.

When we need more gas and supply is short, prices go up; when it’s not being used and there is excess gas, prices go down.

Summitt Energy can get you off the price roller coaster and stabilize your commodity rates for up to 5 years.

Whether you’re operating a small family-owned business looking for price stability, or if you’re a large multi-location corporation seeking hedging strategies against volatile markets, we have products and pricing that will fit your needs and budgets.

With Summitt Energy you’re protected when costs rise, and our Blend & Extend program was created so that you can take advantage of our lower price offerings should they become available.


Essential to every business owner. As a key expense for many businesses, price certainty for your natural gas and electricity can help you budget so you can focus on what matters most – your bottom line.A Summitt Energy representative can provide you with the security you need to plan your energy costs.Our management team has years of diverse experience in energy markets across North America!Our portfolio managers will work with each customer to ensure a best fit for their natural gas and/or electricity price protection program.Our relationships with our suppliers gives us access to some of the best pricing in the market; and whether you’re looking for a short term solution to provide rate stability, or if you’re looking for a strategy to manage fluctuating long term market prices, Summitt Energy can put together the right program for you.

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