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Ecobee: Turning the Thermostat up a Notch

Get ready for your perception on thermostats to be changed forever. No longer are they simple, outdated technologies that offer little control over your homes climate. Modern day thermostats are revolutionizing the way we manage, measure, and save on our energy consumption.

“Smart” Thermostats will quickly become a standard technology in future homes. Affordable and easily available, what separates a smart thermostat apart from others is in its software.

Ecobee is an excellent example and is leading the way for modern thermostat technology.

Best of all, It’s easy to use, it’s smart, and it’s green!

The Ecobee is a thermostat that can be controlled and monitored from your laptop and smartphone.

The amount of detail provided to the user is incredible. It gives you complete control over every aspect of your climate system, including:

  • Seeing temperature changes and estimated energy use in your home from anywhere in the world.
  • Viewable reports on your systems performance and recommendations on how to conserve more efficiently
  • Modifying your thermostats programming to adjust temperatures an humidity depending on the time of day and outside temperatures
  • Setting up alerts and service reminders
  • Program an efficient vacation schedule for when you’re out of town!

This and more information is quickly and easily available through their user interface. Information often unknown to the average thermostat user before technology like this was available.

What to see your average consumption habits? Curious how you stack up to other residents with comparable home sizes? Now you can!

This is just the first step in a transition to “smart” home service appliances as we continue to have access to low cost interfaces and software previously too expensive to implement.

Keep an eye out for more energy efficient appliances that not lonely give you more control over your energy consumption, but will give you insight into long-term energy habits and recommendations.

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