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Coupons to help you save on energy

Energy Saving Coupons



ENERGY STAR certified specialty CFLs

CFLs that are covered, decorative, dimmable, floodlight, spotlight, globe, candelabra, tri-light, etc.; any type except standard CFL; must be ENERGY STAR certified.

$3 Coupon (Single or double packs)

$5 CouponĀ (multipacks of 3 or more)

ENERGY STAR certified light fixtures
Indoor, hard wired; must be ENERGY STAR certified

$8 Coupon (1 or 2 sockets)

$15 Coupon (3 or more sockets)

ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans
Indoor, hard wired; fans may be those with
or without light sockets; must be
ENERGY STAR certified

$10 Coupon

Lighting control products
Indoor motion sensors, dimmer switches, timers (hard wired)

$3 Coupon (Single Pack)

$6 Coupon (Multipacks of 2 or more)

Does not include window sealing kits
(shrink wrap).

$2 Coupon (form or V-strip)

$3 Coupon (door frame kits)

Electric water heater blanket
For electric water heaters only

$4 Coupon

Heavy duty outdoor timers

All heavy duty plug in timers.

$4 Coupon

Advanced power bars
Power bars with integrated timer or

$4 Coupon

Outdoor clothesline umbrella stands or clothesline kitsĀ (seasonal item, subject
to availability)

$10 Coupon

Baseboard programmable thermostats
Programmable thermostats for electric baseboard heaters

$10 Coupon (1-2 packs)

$30 Coupon (multipacks of 3 or more)