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Carbon Culture

Between carbon tax, cap & trade and carbon footprints, there is currently a lot of discussion around harmful emissions, how they affect our planet, who is responsible for them and who should be paying to reduce them. As an individual and a homeowner, you probably have enough expenses on your plate between general upkeep as well as heating and cooling your house; who wants to voluntarily add to that expense?

This is at the heart of the debate now raging in Ontario. The federal government has plans to spread out the costs of reducing harmful emissions in our province, by mandating those payments through a carbon tax. This tax would effectively increase the cost of natural gas and gasoline each and every time you use it.

Even when you sign with an energy retailer like Summitt Energy to control your natural gas costs, there would be no escaping these costs. Don’t we pay enough tax already? you are probably saying to yourself.

True, in Ontario we pay a lot of tax on a lot of things to enjoy a very socialistic lifestyle. Yet, when you have the discussion with your American counterparts, I’m sure there is that patriotic pride when you talk about our free healthcare and free medication for anyone under 25. But in reality, you have to sit down and pay the piper for these great benefits.

Carbon emissions are bad for the planet. Can we agree on that? They cause global warming, smog and a myriad of health issues. You can see the alarming rate of CO2 emissions increase here at That Biologist: Don’t you agree that it is the responsibility of those that enjoy the modern conveniences of life to pay for the protection of our planet? Whether voluntarily or involuntarily, we should not leave these costs to our children and future generations. Enrolling in carbon offset programs and going green with eco-gas and green electricity plans are part of what we, as responsible, first world consumers are obligated to do.