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Are Smart Home Systems Worth it?

SMART ™ Home Systems are becoming more and more popular every day. From SMART thermostats to energy-efficient (LED) light bulbs, and even video door bells, you can get a “SMART” version of almost anything these days. Swedish research firm Berg Insight reports that over 60 Million American homes will classify as “SMART” by 2022. Technology is advancing rapidly and making our lives much easier, but the big question is are these devices really worth it?

While it might be hard to see the worth of something like a SMART thermostat because of the initial cost outlay, installing a Nest SMART Learning Thermostat™ is proven to save people up to $145/year on average. This is according to ann internal Nest study, and backed up by two independent studies. The study looked at energy bills of people in 41 different states before and after they installed Nest Thermostats. The results were encouraging with a savings of 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling.

Here’s how it works; Nest takes 1 week to learn your schedule then it will automatically adjust home temperatures for you, saving energy wherever it can. Not only will it save you money and pay for itself in under two years, but it will also help improve quality of life by automatically adjusting temperatures for comfort. Residents can even buy temperature sensors and link them to their device to adjust the temperature in different rooms through a SMART phone.

Thermostats are just one SMART home product. There are so many SMART devices that you can use to make your life easier and your home safe,  like the Nest Hello™ Doorbell or the Nest Protect®: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm. There is so much to do with SMART home technology and eventually it will become the standard of life, so don’t miss out on it! Start equipping your house with SMART home technology today!

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