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A Cold Winter is on its Way! Tips for Keeping Warm without Breaking the Bank

With the cold weather on its way and natural gas prices continuing to climb, this winter could quickly turn out to be a costly one.

Energy consumption levels are always higher in colder temperatures, with more natural gas being used to heat your home during the winter months.

Of course, there are steps and strategies to take to help reduce that monthly expense.

Keep all doors closed to unused rooms. If it’s a drafty room place a towel at bottom. This will help raise the central temperature of your home and will reduce the need for overworking your furnace.

Heat a water bottle and place it in the foot of your bed before going to sleep. As silly as it sounds, this can help keep your feet warm and the blankets will trap the heat in your bed.

Use a space heater instead of heating the entire house. Give your natural gas furnace a rest and use electricity to heat the room you are in. You’d be amazed how quickly a room can heat up with its door closed! Space headers are cheap and energy efficient.

When you sleep, use an electric blanket! Combine this with your space heater and hot water bottle and you’ll be rosting!

Make yourself a hot drink or soup. We all gotta eat! Hot meals are also great for heating the house up. Why not make some soup or stew with your hot chocolate to keep you warm?

Leave the oven door open after you turn it off. Once you’re done cooking/baking, the heat generated from the oven can be used before it cools off. It has already been paid for, why not!?

Invest in properly insulating your windows. Seal air leaks and drafts with caulking. You’d be amazed at how hard your furnace has to work to make up for small things like that. It’s like filling a glass up with a hole in the bottom – it will never stay full!

Add humidity to your space. Use a humidifier or leave the door open while you shower. Hot air loves humidity and can stay warm longer when there’s moisture in the air. This will also counteract the dryness caused by cold weather.

Light candles. They set the mood, smell nice, and they make a difference!

Put down a floor rug if you have hard floors. The ground is cold! Cold floors will create cold air, carpets or rugs help keep those floors warm and cat as a form of insulation.

Wear slippers! They’re not only cozy and comfortable, warming your feet up will moderate your internal body heat.

In addition to these quick and easy steps, services are available to assist with moderating your energy cost fluctuations.

Fixed-Rate Energy Programs

A fixed-rate energy program can be beneficial if you lock-in before the prices rise. As demand increases during the winter and costs go up, your rate will stay the same! Perfect for managing you cash-flow.

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