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Wynne defends move to put cost of cap-and-trade in delivery line on bills

There has been much contention over Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal climate change “cap-&-trade” plan and now even more controversy abounds over how the charge will be listed on our energy bills.  The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) has announced that the climate-related costs will be “hidden” in the natural gas bill’s “delivery” charge line item.  Wynne defends this decision, and the government’s inability to directly change an OEB policy:  the government doesn’t interfere with decisions made by an arms-length agency like the energy board, which she pointed out consulted the industry and public before issuing its directive on carbon pricing.” While other province’s, like Quebec and BC show the charge as a separate item on bills, Ontario will be sticking to the decision to include the costs in the delivery charge line; however, Wynne made clear:  “We will continue to be transparent with the people of Ontario about why it’s important to have a climate change action plan, why we need a price on carbon.”  Many non-liberal politicians and much of the public are feeling just the opposite, and are of the mind that the Liberal government is using the OEB as a cloak, to help hide the true cap-&-trade cost that energy consumers will now be facing monthly.  Utilities actually vied for the more transparent bill breakdown.  Regardless of how the cap-&-trade cost is shown to bill-payers, Ontario is prepared to spend up to 8.3 billion dollars on swaying Ontarians to be more efficient with energy use, when it comes to heating, their transportation choices, and embracing more carbon-friendly technologies. Find out the whole story, in this Global News article, relaying all the details about how consumers are informed about cap-&-trade costs, along with divulging a prediction at the sum total:  “Most of the money will come from cap-and-trade, which the Liberals predict will raise $1.9 billion a year.”

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