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Outrage over electricity bills

Chatham Daily News ~ Letters to the Editor ~ Special to The Daily News ~ 


It seems hardly a day goes by when we don’t read another story about the hardship facing Ontario residents over outrageous electricity bills.

The latest story in Chatham Daily News on Thursday about Blenheim-area resident Cathy Van Breda should have us all greatly concerned.

How in the world can Premier Kathleen Wynne possibly justify a household with a single woman living alone see her bill go up $500, including more than $290 in delivery charges?

Ms. Van Breda is not the only one afraid to open her electricity bill, as the story says she is among several others who have contacted The Daily News. I ask the question of how many others are there who are not coming forward?

We have been warned about the cost of being a green province, but isn’t there a limit to what we can pay?

Meanwhile our premier is busy these days with photo ops at the grocery store, first buying beer, and now announcing that we will soon be able to get our wine there, also. Talk about getting your priorities mixed up. It is safe to say there are many more important things to do in this province, such as dealing with the costly mess created with her government’s green energy plan.

It seems the public is catching on to this Liberal government. Last week the Ontario Liberals were soundly trounced in a by-election, despite a guest appearance of the premier’s friend in Ottawa, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose alleged star power failed to turn the tide.

This week an Angus Reid Institute poll in the Edmonton Journal had Premier Wynne’s popularity at 27 per cent, ahead of only the NDP premier of Manitoba, Greg Selinger, at 19 per cent. Even the NDP premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley, was ahead of Wynne at 33 per cent

Hopefully the message will get through to the Ontario government that there is a lot of unrest in our province.

What is this Liberal government going to do about it?

Robert J Sullivan

RR 3, Blenheim