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Hydro: Ontario Energy Board urged to provide more data on energy ‘crisis’

Ontarians want answers regarding the exponential increases in hydro costs.  Many have a vague idea about paying more for electricity due to green initiatives, but the desire for a clearer breakdown seems to be the consensus.  Lots of homeowners whose budgets are truly affected by the increases feel that the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) isn’t being transparent enough about where the extra money is really going.  As well, many feel that the OEB isn’t addressing “energy poverty” –  the very real issue regarding families who simply can’t afford to pay:  “Advocacy groups such as the Low-Income Energy Network (LIEN) have been pushing the government for years to do more to assist low-income families struggling to meet their basic energy needs.”  For some families, keeping the electricity going is a real crisis, and these scenarios, along with the larger picture regarding  out-of-control energy pricing needs to be taken seriously, and addressed more intensively by the OEB:  “’We’re experiencing a real crisis in access to affordable electricity… I don’t think they [the OEB] fully understand the severity of the problem.’”